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Clyde Brinley passed away on January 17, 2013 after a valiant struggle trying to recover from having had 2 strokes.

He really enjoyed and loved working with everyone as he chased his ancestors across the centuries.

He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.
He was a special person.

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For almost 45 years we have been working on the Brinley Genealogy.   It was first thought the Brinley's, Brinlee's and the Alabama Brindley's were of the same family line.

With Dna testing, we know the 3 families are not related. 



Brinlee, Arrested, Broke out of Jail

Hiram Brinley and the Daniel Boone Family married

Born  in Tennessee, lived mostly in Kentucky, Texas and Oklahoma now in most all of the Western and Southern 1/2 of the United States

In The Rangers Cavalry Regiment of Texas

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Born  in Tennessee, lived mostly in Kentucky, Texas and Oklahoma

In The Rangers Cavalry Regiment of Texas

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There are many different English Brinley groups in the United States.  Both the Brinlee and Brinley families have family members who spell their name as Brindley including one Brindley family in Oregon and other Brindley's, which ARE NOT related to each other and not related to us. Although we have an English Name, our forefathers were not English.

Our Brinley family consisted of two different Brinley's, Jacob and Mathias, originally from Germany, settled in Pennsylvania in 1750.  The two were not brothers but were related, two to four generations before their births, as we know from Dna.  Mathias had a son, Mathias who married a daughter of Jacob.

We do not know what the true spelling of the names were when Jacob and Mathias immigrated into this country but it certainly wasn't Brinley.  Some Brinley's, in Missouri were murdered.

Due to lack of spelling in the middle 1700's and translations problems from German to English, many transactions have different spellings for the exact same record.  One thing is certain; the last name was not Brinley in the middle 1700's.

We have found the last name of both Jacob and Mathias spelled as: Braun,  Brendel, Brendele, Brendli,  Brindle, Brindley, Brindly,  Brinley, Brendlin, Brundle,  Brunel, Brunle, Brunly.

Thus we have used the current spellings through out the records contained herein, except the very old ones. 

Jacob Brinley married Eve Hoke and Mathias married Anna Maria Barbara, daughter of Jacob and Eve.

Over the years the spelling of names have changed, some of which were related to the difference in how the German spelled a word and how it sounded in English. As the individuals were allowed off of their boats, upon reaching the shores of America, many could not write or talk English.

If they signed their name in German no one could read what they wrote and if they said their name, the register would write the name the way they heard it, which may have been wrong more than right.

It appears Jacob Brinley was registered as Johann Jacob Braun and Mathias was registered as Matheus Brundle. Both arrived on the ship "Two Brothers" 28 August 1750 from Rotterdam along with the Hilderbrands' and Weis families. The Brinley's, Hilderbrands and Wise families were intermarried in Missouri in the early 1800's.

The book German-American Names, written by George F. Jones, lists the name of Brendel, Brendl, Brendler as derived from Hildebrand. The publication of German Names by Hans Bahlow Brendeke, Brandli, Brendle as derived from Hildebrandl while Breinle was equal to Braunle and Breinlinger was rounded from Braunlinger.

If this publication is correct, it is possible our Brinley family was actually Hildebrands in the old country.  This is not proven and just a possibility.

This is very interesting since the Hildebrand's and Wise families were in Pennsylvania and Missouri with our Brinley Families.

DNA testing shows our Brinley's as Haplogroup I1 which was an indigenous European group and is hypothesised to have spread out from the Iberian refugium after the last glacial maximum 18,000 years ago. I1 reaches its highest frequency in Scandinavia and has a decreasing gradient in frequency to the East and to the South and West. I1 is relatively common in the British Isles, having been taken there by Norse and Danish Vikings as well as Anglo-Saxons.

While there are many Brindley's in the United States, based on DNA testing there are no longer any Brindley's living that were related to our Brinley's, except the Brindley's which are in Oregon and descended from the Missouri Brinley's.

As far as we know, all of the German Brinley's descend from Jacob Brinley and Eve Hoke OR Mathias Brinley and Barbara Brinley, daughter of Jacob and Eve.  There are English Brinley's which is not related.

This website is devoted to the Brinley's of the 1700's and  descendants of Jacob and Eve as well as Mathias and Anna Maria Barbara.

Contents of this site, may be used by others, with written permission only.