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Currently we have 10,954 individuals in our Brinley Data Base.

To be included in the new Brinley book please send any data you may have.  You may want to contact us first to see what we all ready have.

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We will be posting new data, almost weekly over the next 2 or 3 months. 

Late Breaking News

For the last 14 years Martha and I have been attending church with Jack and Jay Swope and their families, in Nixa, Missouri.  Back in Pennsylvania, our Jacob Brinley (1721-1785), married Eve Hoke (1730-1791+).  We discovered Eve's sister Maria Clara Hoke(1737-1812) married a Swope.  I spoke with Jack and Jay and asked them some questions about the family.  They gave me a couple of generations before Jack and where they were located.  Working backwards, we went right back to Maria Clara Hoke.  Yesterday I picked up the genealogy papers from Jack and his family, which also showed them going back to Maria Clara Hoke.

I think it is neat when your  friends, are actually part of your family from 250 years ago.
Written by Clyde Brinley


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There are at least 3 different English Brinley groups in the United States
 which ARE NOT related to each other

There are 3 different German families
 which ARE related to each other.

Brinley, Brinly, Brindley

All descend from Jacob Brinley and Eve Hoke OR Mathias Brinley and Barbara Brinley, daughter of Jacob and Eve.

The English Brinley's and the German Brinley's are not related

2006 Pennsylvania Brinley Birthday Reunion

The above Brinley family as well as the Kentucky and Missouri Brinley's all descend from Jacob Brinley (1721-1785) and Eve Hoke.

The Missouri Brinley are unique as they descend from BOTH Jacob Brinley and Eve Hoke as well as Mathias Brinley. Jacob and Eve had a daughter Barbara and Mathias had a son Mathias, who married each other. They were in Pennsylvania in the late 1700's, in Kentucky in the 1790's and Missouri by 1804.

Based on DNA we know Jacob and Mathias were related but not as brothers.  The DNA testing company said they had a common relative, 2 to 4 generations prior to Jacob's birth in 1721.  Today these families have relatives in almost all US states.

There are at least 3 different Brindley families in the United States, which are not related to each other and proven via DNA.  In addition there are Brindley families with some families spelling their name as Brinley. Our German family has one family member spelled Brindley living in Oregon while all others are spelled Brinley.  He descends from the Missouri Brinley's.

The English Brinley's arrived in the US in the early 1600's and settled in New York and other NE areas as well as Pennsylvania in the 1700's. 

A second group of Brindley's, aka Brinlee, descend back to Ireland and England. 

The first records we have for the Pennsylvania German Brinley's is in the late 1740's in the York County area. 

This is the family line this website is devoted to the 1700's, German descendants of Jacob and Eve as well as Mathias and Margaret.