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Currently we have 10,954 individuals in our Brinley Data Base.

To be included in the new Brinley book please send any data you may have.  You may want to contact us first to see what we all ready have.

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Brinley DNA

Back in Pennsylvania in the 1700's there were two Brinley families.  Jacob Brinley who married Mary Hoke and Mathias Brinley and Margaret.  They were witness for each other at their children's baptism's and other church functions.  It was thought they were brothers however we could not find anything that could confirm this.  Jacob Brinley died in 1785.  By 1787 some of his children along with Mathias Brinley and Henry Brinley all appeared in Louisville, Kentucky.  Both Jacob and Mathias had boys with the names of John and Jacob. 

One John stayed in Kentucky and one went to Indiana. 
One Jacob stayed in Louisville while the other Jacob went to Missouri.  
We decided to DNA testing to help solve some problems.
We had excellent paper trails on
Keith Brinley of Ohio, descendant of Jacob
Bill Brinly of Kentucky, descendant of Jacob from Kentucky
Clyde Brinley of Missouri, descendant of Mathias of Missouri
John Brinley of Kansas, descendant of John Brinley from Indiana
Charles Brinly of Florida, descendant of Jacob from Kentucky
When the results came back Keith Brinley, John Brinley and Charles Brinly all matched exactly.  With an excellent paper trail from Keith this proved John of Indiana, the Ohio Brinley's, the Brinley's and Brinly's of Louisville were all of the same family.  All descendants of Jacob Brinley and Eve Hoke.

It should be noted, in Ohio there are also English Brinley's which ARE NOT related.
Clyde's markers were 4 different.  The DNA lab said Mathias and Jacob were related but not as brothers.  They said they probably had a common ancestry from 1 to 4 generations prior to Jacob and Mathias being born.  Actually Clyde descends from both Jacob and Mathias as Jacob had a daughter Barbara and Mathias had a son Mathias.  They married each other.  However the DNA is checking the male DNA only and this marriage would not affect Clyde's DNA.
Bill Brinly didn't match anyone, however he and Charles were from the same family, thus there was a break in the family line of Bill.
In addition to the above, there were several Brindley's and Brinlee's which were also in the DNA test.  When the DNA came back there were 3 different family groups of Brindley's however one of the Brindley DNA matched the Brinlee dna, thus they are of the same family.
While we have not tested Henry Brinley, it appears he was a brother of Mathias, however this is not proven.