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Grandmother Betty Brinley has Bragging Rights

Grandson of Keith and Betty Brinley of Ohio, won the
Boy Scouts of America
Heroism Award from the Boy Scouts
for year (2004)

Kevin Altimier


Grandson Kevin, 8, was awarded the National Medal of Heroism from the Boy Scouts last year (2004) for saving his mother's life. He called 911 and gave her CPR till the squad got there. He was then chosen as one of 6 scouts to represent the Boy Scouts in Washington, DC. Since he is so young, Leslie (daughter of Betty and mother of Kevin) and Mark get to accompany him   March 5th, 2005 for a 5 day visit.

They were on the go from early morning to late night, to CIA, Annapolis, Capital Bldg, A Navy ship, Congress and meeting all the important people there. They meet Mr Rumsfield  went to Congress where Kevin made a presentation speech and present the 95th Boy Scout Coin to the Speaker of the house.

Then on Tuesday he did the same thing at the White House, to President George Bush. Can you even imagine such an opportunity?   When Kevin met the President he was sort of tense.  President Bush told him "Relax, you are only in the Oval Office"