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There are many questions about the history of the Brinley's thus we have posted some of them.  Send your answers and we will post them as they are received.  If you have additional questions: Click Here to Send Them.


Clues will be posted here on a some what regular bases

One of our Brinley's made the first successful heart transplant in the world.  Can you guess what living species the heart transplant was made on, what university clinic and what year?

Living Species Clue University Clue Year Clue/Answer

Correct Answer by

Cow To Big St. Louis Wrong State 1967 To Late  
Sheep To Big Chicago Wrong State 1960

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What Brinley Father-in-Law had his head cut off by Indians in 1800? Missouri  
What Brinley went to California, found gold, heard some men plotting to kill him and take his gold, slipped out the back of the tent and went back home? Missouri  
What Brinley was delivering mail, fell off of his horse, got stuck in the stirrups and was killed? Missouri  
What Brinley's did Bertha kill - August 29, 1928 - "Bertha Gifford, 56 year old farm wife who is under indictment for poisoning three of nine person who died in her home - a bleak house where illness always was fatal - has become hysterical in her top-tier cell in the Franklin County Jail". (Missouri) (three of these were Brinley's)? Missouri  
What Brinley had this newspaper article written about him - "The community was shocked and saddened by his being shot and killed as he was returning home with his wagon and team from delivering his load of ties"? Missouri  
Who where the first 7 Brinley men to move to Louisville, Kentucky in the late 1700's? Louisville  
Who were the first Brinley women to move to Louisville, Kentucky in the late 1700's? Louisville  
What was the name of the Brinley who was a famous plow maker? Thomas Brinly Bill Brinly
What was the name of a Brinley who had a father-in-law who invented the lady's bobby pins? Louisville  
What Brinley lost a leg during the Civil War? Texas  
What is the name of the Brinley's, which most Brinley's & Brinly's descent from? Pennsylvania  
What is the name of the oldest known Brinley in Pennsylvania during the 1700's? Pennsylvania  
What Brinley had a father-in-law that was a famous preacher during the 1700's? Pennsylvania  
What wife of a Brinley had a father that was a pastor in the 1700's? Pennsylvania  
What Brinley girl married a Brinley man (Cousins)? Answer in this site  
Who were the first Brinley's to go to Indiana? From Pennsylvania  
Who were the first Brinley's to go to Ohio? From Pennsylvania  
What language did the first Brinley's write in Pennsylvania? Not English  
What is your guess as to how many surnames are in Brinley database. Over 2200 Furnished by Clyde
What Brinley descendant was honored by President Bush answer in website  
What Brinley was killed by a Tornado Nebraska Allen - 1930
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